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فيلم Without Prescription 2022 مترجم اونلاين

فيلم Without Prescription 2022 مترجم اونلاين

Mar. 13, 202283 Min.
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فيلم Without Prescription 2022 مترجم اونلاين

قصة فيلم Without Prescription

Olivia suffers from OCD, a mental condition that manifests itself through a voice in her head that compels her to brush her teeth constantly. During Christmas Eve festivities in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, the voice comes back after being dormant for a year. Not having Health Care, she desperately searches for the pills that will control her OCD without a prescription. Through her friend Jessica, who she met years ago in a mental institution, she meets David, the town’s pharmacist’s son, who agrees to sell her the pills. Trapped inside David’s apartment by a rainstorm, two strangers start uncovering truths about each other and start a healing process that doesn’t necessarily involve pills.

مشاهدة فيلم Without Prescription 2022 مترجم اونلاين كامل بجودة عالية مشاهدة و تحميل مباشر اونلاين على موقع Aflami best – افلامي بست

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